Graphics/WebGL Developer

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced creative graphics/WebGL developer to join the team full time in our Edinburgh office.

You would be working directly on some very novel web and mobile projects we have been quietly building. The essence of our work is in creating original and engaging approaches to explore and interact with information that reveal new insights and experiences of value.

Technical Requirements

You should should be a creative front-end developer who is as comfortable working on the visual and interactive implementation as the code behind it… maybe you cut your teeth in the Flash days but now live and breathe JavaScript!

You should have 3+ years of experience, an eye for design and enjoy spending most of your development time wrangling WebGL, sculpting shaders and juggling JavaScript and CSS in a way that pushes forwards the interactive and aesthetic boundaries in the browser.

As a reference for the required skills, our current stack involves:

  • JavaScript ES6, WebGL, GLSL, CSS3-4, SVG, canvas
  • React.js, ReactNative, Redux and Immutable.js
  • Node.js 10 with Koa, Apollo for GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL with SQLite3 for the mobile apps
  • Testing libraries Jest, Enzyme, Wallaby, Mocha
  • Workflow processes with Git Flow, NPM, Webpack, CI etc
  • Cloud based services: Heroku, AWS, CircleCI, Mapbox, WikiData
  • All development on MacBook Pros with external 43" 4k monitors
  • Software (not limited to) VS Code, Atom, Vim, Slack, GitHub, Dropbox, Sketch etc

Other Requirements and Bonus Skills

Examples of previous projects using web technologies that demonstrate your creative and technical ability is very important, as is experience creating responsive and accessible cross platform websites. You should also thrive on the little details inherent in good design, typography and user experience.

Good interpersonal skills are an absolute must. You would be expected to challenge and inspire others in the team, share knowledge and help define the future direction of the products.

  • Native mobile app development
  • Contributor to the open-source community
  • Open datasets such as WikiData, Discogs, MusicBrainz
  • Mapping and GIS with OpenStreetMaps, Leaflet, Mapzen, Mapbox etc
  • Presented at conferences related to web technologies
  • Interest in early-adopter technologies such as virtual reality and AR
  • Real-time web
  • Comfortable with mathematical concepts and a wider interests in science and the arts

What We Offer

Working with us will be a refreshing change from many places… We are a small tightly knit team passionate about making the best things possible without unnecessary compromise. Secure angel investment gives us the freedom to choose the path in realising our projects, and we work to our own schedule where the only deadlines are self imposed.

  • Competitive salary based on experience and a fair stake in the products you help develop
  • Flexible working hours and holiday scheduling
  • Latest Macbook Pro with 43″ 4k screen plus other hardware as needed
  • Support for contributing back to the open-source community and presenting at local meetups
  • Annual conference trips
  • Visits to Germany and the main office in Berlin
  • A spectacular top floor office on the corner of St Andrew Square in the city centre, with amazing views across Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth and only three minutes walk from Waverley train station.